Monuments & Markers

Please note the following information regarding inscriptions, placement and dimensions of monuments in St. Mary’s Cemetery.

Inscription and placement of monuments are as follows:

Any monument or marker must have a prominent Christian religious symbol inscribed on it – e.g. crucifix, cross, rosary, praying hands or religious Christian figure. Scriptural verse and flowers inscribed are allowed to accompany religious symbol(s). Apart from the above no other decoration or inscription is allowed.

One grave plot will have a monument immediately at its head and be inscribed on one side only – remaining side absolutely blank. See example #1.

Exceptions are:
In St. George section rows M and T where the monument is half the width of a grave, permitting an owner on the opposite side for their monument placement. See example #5.

Two grave plots, side-by-side, will have the monument immediately at the head of one grave (off center) and be inscribed on one side only – remaining side blank. This will leave room at the head of second grave for use by the purchaser of graves on opposite side of the row. See example #2.

Two grave plots head-to-head (north and south), can have the monument placed centre of the two graves; inscription can be made on either side. See example #3.

Four grave plots – two graves head-to-head (north and south), placement of the monument is at the centre of the four graves and inscription can be made on either side. See example #4.

Exceptions are:
In St. Peter Annex, monument may be positioned in the middle/head of the graves. See example #6.

St. Mary’s Cemetery must approve all monuments, markers, and corner posts, before they are ordered. An order form must be fully completed to show front and reverse details – where reverse is blank – mark it “blank”. An accompanying sketch may be submitted with the application form.

Orders with complete specifications must be sent to the Secretary/Treasurer for approval/signing and will be returned to monument dealer within 3-5 days.

Monument/Marker Dimensions:

Maximum height of a monument is 48″, including the base size.

In St. Paul, St. Peter, St. Bridget and St. Patrick, our older sections, monument bases up to 32” wide are permitted

Exceptions are:
In St. Peter Annex, bases for monuments may be up to 40” wide.

In all rows of St. George section, bases for monuments may be up to 40″ wide.

Exceptions are:
In rows M and T the base should not exceed 22” width. See example #5 above.

In row J only flat markers are permitted. These markers should not exceed 20” x 36” in dimensions. Foundation is not necessary.

In any section for a four grave plot, head-to-head, the base may be up to 48″ wide. The monument is to be placed at the centre of the four graves. See example #4 above.

Pillow in cement type headstones or monuments are not allowed.

Before any foundation excavation, the centered location of the foundation must be staked by the cemetery staff. Please give a minimum of 2 days notice prior to arrival.

Please Note:
Monument foundations must go below the frost line – a minimum of 4 feet deep.

Please ensure that the cemetery is aware of monument installation and/or removal for repair.

Download a copy of monument details page.

Download a copy of monument application form