Current Pricing Schedule

St. George section
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Effective 1 April 2017 Whole area map is here.
Interment Rights
Plots Plots
Single Grave $1306.00
now available in St. George section Row Q (in multiple of two or more graves) and T (single graves only)
Single Cremation Grave $653.00
(now available in St. George section Row J)
Transfer Fee $58.00
(Corner Post** purchase is compulsory with each plot purchase)

Columbarium Niche
Top three rows 1-3 $2863.00
Bottom row 4 $2668.00
Transfer Fee $58.00
Incl. in cost is Bronze Plaque approx. size 10.5” x 6.0”


Interment Fees Summer Winter
Period 1 May-31 Oct 1 Nov-30 Apr
Grave Opening $886.00 $1062.00
Extra Depth $1148.00 $1326.00
Cremation Grave $301.00 $485.00
Child Grave $345.00 $521.00
Infant Grave $177.00 $309.00
Columbarium opening $221.00 $221.00


Extra Charges Saturdays & Holidays Add
Standard Grave Opening add $354.00
Cremation Grave Opening add $177.00


Corner Posts** Add
Grey Granite each installed $80.00
Setting of each additional posts $26.00
Corner Post Size approx. 6” x 6” x4” (PST charged on corner posts)


Setting Flat Monument Marker Add
Under 2 sq. ft. $71.00
Over 2 sq. ft. $177.00


All fees are subject to HST/GST where applicable.
All interment rights include Care and Maintenance (C&M) deposit of 40% or $250 whichever is the greater on full-size in-ground lots, 40% or $150 whichever is the greater on 4’ x 4’ cremation lots and 15% or $100 whichever is the greater on columbarium niches.Grave openings include a Provincial License Burial Fee of $12.00 on casket interments and $12.00 on in-ground and niche interments.St. Mary’s Cemetery By-Laws Rules and Regulations are to be followed at all times.